A New Year’s Greeting

Winter SunsetJennie and I went for a brief snowshoe just at sunset. Now the sky is a rich evening aquamarine, a color I find unique to winter. The field and woods were quiet and the sunset illumined the mountains and lake. I discovered I am out of practice with snowshoes.

We’ve had two storms since Christmas and the snow lies deep in the fields and woods. It had been nearly two years since our last snow of six inches or better, and we have been greatly enjoying the recent storms and perfect snow cover. We have also spent much time before the fireplace, where our wood stove throws lovely warmth into the room. Even the cat is happy.

Today is New Year’s Day, and we’ve been about varying tasks, including cleaning and straightening, a ritual of sorts for us, and I imagine many others. I’m taking a break to write this short post to express my appreciation to all of you who read this blog. Writing needs an audience, and a more encouraging, supportive audience than the you would be hard to find. Thank you!

May the coming year bring joy, health, and peace to you and your beloveds, and may the prophesy of an Awakening world find fulfillment in our lives and time.

8 thoughts on “A New Year’s Greeting

  1. Dear Michael: I just want you and Jennie to know how much I have appreciated knowing you over the years. I wish you health, love, contentment and adventure in the New Year.

    With love and appreciation,


  2. Well I’m not the best feed backer ever made but I am a good reader so keep up the blog please. Best to you both this snowy winter and beyond. And take care on those snow shoes! Ann

  3. And much gratitude for finding you here. Thanksgiving sets the tone… but it seems if there is one resolution that stands above all when a year ends and a new one begins, it is to acknowledge our blessings and give thanks. This, it seems, has more transforming power than any “I will” or “I won’t” resolution. THANK YOU.

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