Reblog: The Presence of Absence

I don’t usually reblog my own posts. That said, I am making an exception. The following post is  focused ondisability, yet the content touches many of the themes I write about in “Dreaming The World.” I hope you enjoy it!

Location of the misssing Disabled Motorist Parking sign at Fresh Market in Burlngton, VT.

The Presence of Absence

Sometimes a walk, or voice, or aroma reminds us of things past, as Proust noted. Yesterday, I took a stroll up the street, during a quiet moment at the office. I carried a camera and took some interesting shots along the way. Only later did I notice the memory card was not in snugly, thus, no photos. Anyway, the walk led to the absent “Disabled Motorist Parking” sign that used to mark this parking place at Fresh Market in Burlington. That led to my thinking about the presence of absence, as that applies to disability, and other loss.

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