Salmon and Raven

Arcadia Waterfall“She’s (Raven) always minding the business of the rest of the world, eavesdropping, weighing voice and action against consequence. She minds the business of the two-leggeds the most. They’re all a bunch of loose  cannons. Humans are capable of wanting things which defy their needs, counter their interests and destroy the very spiritual sensibility the were given when they came into this world. The original humans of Turtle Island were there in the sky world when we all received our original instructions. We (salmon) were there. Does anyone remember? It seems to me that it is incumbent on the original humans to share this piece of vital information. Oh well, who am I to judge, you are returning to the same place you came from and your grandmothers eagerly await your return – they will remember how to deal with you. The only responsibility I have right now is to talk with you.”

From “Where Love Winds Itself Around Desire”, by Lee Maracle. In First Fish, First People, Roche and McHutchison, eds, University of Washington Press, 1998.

One of my friends, an Abenaki healer, called earlier. It seems she had been watching “testosterone driven” hunters on t.v.. These hunters were shooting wolves and bear from helicopters. My friend was upset. After all, bear and wolves are sacred.

A call from my friend is a lot like a call from Raven or Salmon. She sees what’s going on. She notices people have lost their way. We’ve collectively lost our initial instructions. Her heart breaks. Animals follow her around, visit her house in the suburbs, and upset her neighbors. The neighbors think the birds and animals are all loose cannons. The presence of the animals offers offers my friend  solace.

Every now and again, the ET’s stop by. Their presence brings joy to my friend’s life. They are not, from her point of view, loose cannons. They are not shooting sacred beings from their spacecraft.

I like to remind my friend she is doing her best. I want her to remember our relatives and the elders are waiting for us. They’ll probably point out our errors; that will take many days, and generate much laughter and amusement for them. The grandmothers will also let us know they’re happy we’re home. They’ll know how to deal with us.

For now though, my friend has things to say, concerns to share. She’s a big-hearted grandmother in her own right. Are you listening? Remember, she’s a grandmother. We’ll all  have to answer to her and the others when we finally get back home.

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