Dream Visitors

People and spirits sometimes come to us in dreams.  These visitors are often welcome. Perhaps you have been comforted or aided by a beloved nighttime spirit visitor.

Emilie Corbiere recently wrote about the night-time visits of her mother:

“After my moms death, she came to me in dreams and it was like a wake up call. I woke up one morning like a totally different person. That same day, I made arrangements to leave that abusive situation and stay with family. I t was very difficult, don’t get me wrong. I left with no money, no job and just a duffle bag full of belongings but I had the love of my family to keep me going.

Now in the year 2011, I have been blessed with a wonderful family of my own, including a wonderful husband, who would never lay his hands upon a woman, and two beautiful boys. I know that my boys will grow up to never strike a woman and that makes me happy.

My mom still comes to visit every once in a while, in dreams and I’ll always remember the strength she gives me when times get tough.”

The Ancestors and spirits eagerly await our requests for dream comfort and aid. Simple rituals, tobacco ties, small alters all aid to convey our need and intent. Our open hearts and beautiful words and gestures express welcome and appreciation.

Other dream visitors may be unwelcome.Perhaps you have had the experience of someone unwanted coming to visit in your dreams.  Maybe he or she arrived to demonstrate some power over you, or to make a demand. Like many events in life, there are also dream visits and visitors we are unsure of, not being able to comfortably categorize them as either good or bad.

Dream encounters based on abuse of power can feel profoundly threatening. Often, these dream intrusions can be addressed energetically. There are two aspects to this. The shamanic practitioner or energy worker severs any energetic links between the dreamer and the intrusive person or being. The second task belongs to the dreamer, who must carefully resist any temptation to reestablish those energetic links.

When the dream visitor is unwanted we may miss the mystery and power inherent in their visit. Fear may erase the awe we might otherwise feel. When the visitor is dear, we may arise with an aching, a longing, that is difficult to bear. We may also feel immensely grateful and deeply connected. These nighttime visions, these visits from spirit, welcome or not, point to a world much larger than we imagine in our everyday lives, and place those very lives in a new perspective.

15 thoughts on “Dream Visitors

  1. Thank you so much for your article. Just last night, I dreamed of a person whom I have not seen for over 35 years. We expressed the love we felt for each other in the dream and which I had blocked all those many years ago due to my fears and insecurities. I don’t know where he is or even how to find him but we did visit last night and I feel so enriched by this dream! After my mother died in 1998, I had many, many dreams where she came to visit me. There is a depth of understanding that she gave me in those dreams that will never leave me. We spend approximately one quarter of our lives in this dream world with dream visitors. How wonderful it is to have you write about this and give them the space and honor that they deserve!

    1. I am pleased you liked the post. While I have frequent nighttime visitors who are helpful, I have few visits from parents. I would value more. Those dreams where beloved persons come, even those whom I have not seen in decades, remain brilliant stars in the firmament of my experience. Blessings.

  2. Hello
    I am looking for a little guidance. My oldest daughter, now 17, has always had what she calls a “dream girl” who guides her through dreams and answers questions. Over the last few months it has become a little dark in her dreams. She has woken up with scratches on her hands and feeling queasy. Last night in her dream the girl told her her name and told her not to say it outloud or “her brothers” would come to her. The name she was given was Aym. i am not sure what this means but my daughter is trul frightened. Any suggestions?

  3. I am a lucid dreamer for a long time, and I learned how to control dreams naturally. However, there are times when I get some unwanted visitors in my dreams. Are these beings just a figment of my subconscious mind? What if they appear constantly?

  4. I dreamed I was a visitor at a small house in Hawaii. The entrance to the house was rather overgrown with banana trees and elephant ear plants. I had never been to the house or met the people in the dream before…but…when I told the man who came to the door that I was a “wandering dreamer”—he smiled, turned, and loudly said “Hey! Set one more place at the table…we have a dreamer!” We had dinner together and a wonderful conversation. The Hawaiians in my dream were very spiritual people, and had no problem believing in a dreamer. 🙂

      1. I wish! I had another dream where I visited a small house on stilts next to the ocean. Beautiful! Inside the house, things had been placed according to sound. To set the table, I was instructed to first strike each utensil on a small slab of metal and listen carefully. If a spoon, fork, and knife had the same sound, then they could be placed together. Since I love music, I didn’t mind spending time doing this. It was a wonderful listening experience!

  5. Dream visits are such a gift. I’ve had a few, two of which were from my sister with whom I had a difficult relationship. In the first one she blessed me (hands on head) and in the second she invited me to do mindfulness meditation with her and asked forgiveness. They still affect me deeply.

    1. Oh, Victoria, sometimes those who are estranged from us come to us in dreams. Freud thought this to be “wish fulfillment”, and it may be. Then again, the world is more complex than we imagine. Sometimes, I am convinced, the spirit of the estranged one chooses to do what the conscious mind cannot – a sort of wish fulfillment in its own right (the wishes of the alienated soul). May she continue to visit and hold your relationship close, even if in daily life, her personality is unable to do so.

  6. I can still feel and recall the dream when my adoptive father asked me if I was OK? I wasn’t. He was good to ask me that. Woke me up.

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