In Transit

I am writing from the airport in Dubai. What a long flight, and many more hours yet to go. The flight arrived after dark, the city stunningly beautiful below us. The terminal is majestic, and immense. The waiting area for flights, crowded.

I am struck by the beauty oil money can render. I am also aware those waiting represent any nations and peoples. Their basic goodness shines through. Parents struggle, lovingly, to manage themselves, their luggage, and small children. The airport workers become frustrated by language differences,  and the necessity to communicate complex directions.

I am also aware that as the recession wanes, the worldwide use of oil is gain increasing. that will inevitably, it seems, result in accelerated climate change.  Travel has its consequences.

I am left wondering how some eight billion persons can do their tasks, and live on the Earth, without destroying all we hold dear. I am also feeling great affection for us human beings.

2 thoughts on “In Transit

  1. It is great to hear of the progress in your travels and to get your impressions. It is like I’m able to share the experience with you. Thanks,

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