Notable Blogs: 3/07/2011

It’s still snowing! Heavily! The snow began around noon yesterday. The wind has howled much of the night. Now all is buried.

Issues of social justice, especially as they relate to First nations, have received much attention from bloggers recently. We are living in a time when the rights of first nations people around the world are, once again, increasingly under siege. Also threatened are basic supports for persons with disabilities, those on low incomes, and families. This includes many Indigenous people. Yet, there is also light. Continue reading

Notable Blogs: 1/28/2011

Welcome to this edition of Notable Blogs. Today the sun shone strongly, melting snow, even though the temperatures were well below freezing. In the shadows, the liquid water froze into black ice. In a few months, the snow will be gone, and the world will once again turn green. At our latitude, season follows season. For our ecosystem to continue to function smoothly, we need all the seasons. Just so, the lives of people and cultures go through seasons. There will inevitably be struggle and hardship, yet there will also be joy and healing. Continue reading