Embodying Courage

Emily Anderson and Mark Utter

I’ve been thinking about our conversation with Susan Grimaldi. Susan is unflaggingly hopeful about the state of the world, and consistently evokes the human capacity for caring and positive action. As a shaman and human being she also manages to hold on to a sense that the Creator and the Spirits have a larger plan, one we may not be able to see or understand.

Susan is courageous, as is evidenced by her work in Mongolia. I imagine she would say that rather than being courageous, she is simply following the dictates of Spirit. I understand that. So often folks view our work with a certain degree of awe, even though we are simply doing what must be done in the moment. We are just people.  I frequently remind those who come to me seeking aid, that really living life, being fully engaged, demands courage, and I am deeply appreciate of the opportunity to witness their bravery as they face the challenges in their lives. Continue reading