Seeking Healing at The River of Belonging

“Every week on one of our reservations and in some Indian community, the media uncovers indirect and direct evidence of loss to families living without the ways of knowing afforded by the river. I believe the river provided the basis for healthy and whole families, and without it, all manner of assault has been made against those families to hamper their survival in all the ways that truly matter. Government remedies are powerless to replace the gifts of wholeness provided by river wisdom that upheld ethnic identity and cultural learning, all very much a valid part of our human experience. Instead of stories celebrating and honoring human life, I hear and read of child abuse and neglect.”

Lanniko L. Lee (Cheyenne River Sioux), From, “Ways of River Wisdaom“, in Marken and Woodard, Shaping Survival, The Scarecrow Press, 2001. Continue reading