Jung Drops in for Tea

Sun_roomA sunny, frigid, late winter day. Later this week the temperatures will moderate and there will likely be a sap run.

I’ve taken to avoiding news feeds in the evening, and try to limit my intake of news during the day; I also spend too much time fact checking. Anyway, the sheer volume of hatred towards those who are vulnerable, and the environment, is simply overwhelming, a tsunami that threatens to devastate all I love in the world.

Of course, none of this craziness is new. I imagine Jung dropping by for a spot of tea. I can imagine him sitting there in the sun, drawing on his experiences leading up to World War Two, and expressing empathy for our situation. He would point out that we may easily become what we fear, and draw parallels between Islamic extremism and the behavior of extremists on the Christian right. Then he would wish us well, grab a cider doughnut for the road, and retreat to his hermitage. Continue reading

The Nature of the Spirits

It’s been a while since I posted. We’ve been traveling. I was ill. My computer crashed. We’ve been asked to provide ceremony. Time passes quickly. The leaves are mostly down, and the Earth has settled into Autumn. Thanksgiving approaches with all of the ambivalence that holiday carries.

I’m glad to be back, having missed time spent writing and thinking, sorting through the complexity of things. I am returning to writing even as we turn our gaze towards our upcoming trip to India and Hong Kong. Much of my activity for the trip is still unplanned, although my work in Hong Kong seems set. There I am scheduled to be teaching Narrative Therapy ideas and practices to folks who work with individuals with disabilities. I’m excited! Continue reading