The Kitchen Saga Continues

It is a warm, bright, late afternoon following a rainy night. We’ve been on the warm side of most of the storms this autumn, meaning lots of fog, wind,and rain which magically softens autumns colors. There is a theory that here in New England winter follows autumn’s storm path. If so we are likely in for a rainy, mild winter.

Work on the kitchen continues in drips and drabs. It came to a complete halt a few weeks ago when the crew got Covid. Then we caught Covid again, I developed Covid knee (yes it is a thing), and I had a birthday. Last week the crew discovered our new dishwasher had a crack so a new one was ordered and came today. Also last week the cold snap brought heating emergencies and our plumber and electricians had to attend to more pressing matters than our kitchen.

Now, in week ten of a project that absolutely had to happen, we are exhausted; I can’t even read….. Even the cat has had it with the chaos. That we can cook on our jury rigged stovetop helps, but given there is only one light in the kitchen this seems like little solace. We do, finally, have running water which is most certainly a blessing, and the ovens now work, so ever so slowly things are returning to normal. Given the chaos we have eaten out surprisingly little but tonight we will likely call out for pizza.

Our contractor had promised a working kitchen by Thanksgiving and he delivered, if only barely. Wednesday afternoon the electrician was called out to an emergency, leaving us with no stovetop or lights. The foreman for our project answered our call for help and managed to create a very makeshift kitchen that got us through the holliday.

Jennie braved the kitchen on Thursday and prepared soup and brussels sprouts for our family Thanksgiving gathering. Both were delicious.We even managed to make one very simple meal for visiting family!

Since late August I’ve been taking an intensive course on building, using, and composing for modular synthesizers. (I am not a musician….) As promised, this has been a journey down a very deep rabbit hole, a journey worthy of Alice. We are in the last couple of weeks of the course and the construction chaos has drained much of my enthusiasm, creativity, and resilience. Learning in the midst of chaos is just so hard! In spite of that, I have had a great time and am looking forward to further exploration and learning with my new modular community.

As was to be expected, the course has called forth my perfectionism which in the exploratory world of modular synths is totally useless. Still, I was able to share a brief composition with the class, my first shared piece of music since art grad school. I believe the time before that was fifth grade…. Thankfully everyone was kind and encouraging. It occurs to me that a piece about the kitchen remake might be fun, given the random, noisy nature of the medium, but not right now.

Speaking of perfectionism, earlier this afternoon I ventured into the studio which has been our camp kitchen for the past ten weeks. I had every intention of actually doing some artwork but there is just too much chaos (there is that word again). I think I’ll go back in and see whether now that we are back in the real kitchen I can create some work space.

The sun has sunk low to the horizon and casts long shadows across the landscape. Last night it was dark by about four, but given our clear skies, tonight darkness probably will fall a bit later. From downstairs come the sounds of sawing and hammering, meaning the electricians are hard at work. Sadly, they arrived late and quitting time approaches. Still, I hear Jennie laughing with the crew so maybe thing are progressing more than I imagine.

9 thoughts on “The Kitchen Saga Continues

  1. Oh, my! What a saga. And yes “chaos” is exactly the right word. It sounds as though you have both done really well. But what rotten luck to get COVID twice. Bring on the pizza!

  2. Covid twice doesn’t seem quite fair. Ten weeks is a long time, and I know this first hand because that is how long a septic project took this summer. It actually won’t be done until spring when they finish grading and seeding, but who’s counting. Order two pizzas so you have leftovers and don’t have to cook.

    1. Hi Judy,
      The pizza was great, as always! We actually ate in the restaurant as it was essentially empty. (Lots of takeout.) Replacing septic is so challenging! I think worse than kitchens. Yes, the kitchen will be finished at some point but so far beyond schedule. In the interim we are trying to breathe and maintain some sense of humor. Anyway, this has been camping out without the perks (LOL!).

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