Last (Hopefully) Covid Update

We had several inches of snow overnight. This afternoon is sunny and crisp. Much warmer with rain by late week.

We are doing much better, save for the ongoing fatigue and occasional brain fog. We are deeply appreciative of all the care and well wishes you have sent our way. Thank you!

One thing is clear, Covid is not just a cold!

I’ll write a real post as soon as I have some energy.

14 thoughts on “Last (Hopefully) Covid Update

      1. I’m sorry to hear you still get it. I still get muddled up over spoken words sometimes. Pacing, and taking time out to just relax and have fun. I love laughing and like watching stupid funny show re-runs on TV when I get overwhelmed. 🙂

    1. Judy, I spoke with my physician niece the other day. She said it is not unusual for these symptoms to persist two months or more post even a relatively mild infection. I suspect we will be addressing Covid for some time to come.

  1. Please take good care of yourself and Jennie. I totally understand the frustration of fatigue and brain fog – both Jim and I are having to cope with it for reasons other than Covid. I find it frustrating that it gets in the way of my creativity and logical thinking. I have a hard time connecting thoughts together for posts – does it affect you in that way?

    1. Hi Pat, I also have post-polio brain fog at times. Yes, sometimes I simply can’t process anything which makes problem solving difficult. Then it is time for a nap. Sleep usually resets everything. Still, all this can be so frustrating! Sorry you also have to deal with it. Fortunately this seldom happens in meetings….

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