Covid Blues Update

A cold, bright morning, the interwoven bare branches of trees silhouetted against a high blue sky. Earlier a crescent moon illumined the south, high above the horizon, and morning planets stood brilliant in the east.

The week has been calm, if chilly. That is forecast to change by Saturday, replaced by a strong nor’easter. It is possible we will have the first real snow storm we have witnessed since moving here. The forecast seems to change hourly so we shall see what transpires.

Apparently our brief sojourn in the bakery was too long. Jennie has Covid, and while I tested negative with a home test, I have an array of mild symptoms so probably have it as well. So far we are managing and have settled in for a ten day quarantine so being snowbound, as long as we don’t lose power, would seem congruent with our present state. We are very appreciative of the vaccine and wish it were easier to get formally tested.

I’ve been appreciating Summer Pierre’s comic style journal as we and her family seem to be in Covid parallel process. I hope you will pay her site a visit!

For now, Nori, the cat, and I have settled in before the windows and are watching the comings of goings of wildlife in the back yard, separated from the cold by double pained glass. Jennie is sequestered in the guest bed room; the heat is on and although I am cold, we are all appreciating that as well.

16 thoughts on “Covid Blues Update

  1. So sorry that you have addition stress. I hope you and Jennie aren’t too uncomfortable and the symptoms abate quickly. Maybe time for some light reading. I will be thinking of you and remember to be vigilant even though 72% in our county in Florida are vaccinated. We are now entering high season with lots of tourists.

    1. Pat, we have been so careful! Anyway, symptoms are not severe at this time. Yes, we are both reading when we have the energy, The fatigue is impressive….. Omicron really is easily transmitted.

      1. I have been following how careful you have been and I have come to the conclusion that it is those very short slips that get us. I feel myself becoming more and more withdrawn into my cocoon – both physically and mentally. Although FL is helping because we can be outdoors.

  2. I’m so sorry that a trip to the bakery led to you both being sick. It is so conflicting right now. The vaccine in most cases keeps you from the hospital and death, but you still have to deal with the effects of Covid even though reduced. All of our friends are eating in restaurants and enjoying themselves, and we are still staying away from them. It’s hard, but being sick is just not worth the risk. I’m hoping by next post, you are both feeling well.

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