10 thoughts on “Spring on the Salt Marsh

    1. Hi Pat, Thank you for reminding me hat my presence maters!
      I have been moping given the state of the world. Ridiculous really but I was tired of challenging the status quo endlessly. Am trying to return with more bandwidth.

      1. I hadn’t thought of it like that but I think I am in a similar spot. I have withdrawn and then feel guilt that… well that’s too long of a list and you already know about it all. My mind also feels dulled so it is harder to write anything of substance. I assume that it is mental fatigue from the past 5 years, but also fear that aging is sapping me of all the strengths I built over the years.

    1. Thank you, Andrea. We are well, if a tad overworking. Somehow my blog gets much less attention than it deserves, as do the blogs I follow. Maybe It is just COVID fatigue?

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