December Haiku

This morning is chilly with bright sunlight. While the winter has had temperatures well above average, today’s are just about at the seasonal norms.

Well the past few days have been pretty disturbing. I guess I should not have been surprised to see the vast difference between how settler extremists were treated as opposed to BIPOC protestors. I was reminded once again of why I was raised to tell none about my Native identity and why there was so much pressure to assimilate.

Here’s a haiku from December and a photo from early autumn. We haven’t seen turkeys in our yard for a while and I miss them. We still need to be heedful of them on our country roads.

December Haiku

taking a corner

four Tom turkeys in the road

Full stop!

Please do take care of yourselves and be well in these mad times.

6 thoughts on “December Haiku

  1. Was watching everything unfold from over here, in utter disbelief. Though maybe it’s been a long time coming. Hope you can emerge into a more peaceful and becalmed America soon.

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