Jonah and the Whale

Fleeing the Creator

Jonah lept into the water

and was engulfed by a whale

In whose belly he fell into a dream

or maybe a vision.

When the whale grew tired of nurturing him

And threw him up,

Jonah swam to dry land

The place of refuge

And began to tell the people,

Those who would listen and those who would not,

That inside the belly of a whale is dark.

That the beating of a whale’s heart is deafening.

That drinking sea water on an empty stomach makes one ill.

And that

The one thing he had learned,

Was that there are better ways of being

Than the ones he knew before.

9 thoughts on “Jonah and the Whale

    1. Yes, lots of them! I suspect we are still collectively in the whale’s belly, only some folks don’t know it. I’m not sure who will get disgorged….. or when, LOL!

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