A Time of Vision

Two Dreamings

A cool, cloudy day, the storm far enough offshore to keep the wind and rain at bay. The day seems slow, as though Spring is taking a time out from her race across the landscape.

We have arrived at a moment of prophesy. In the  mid-1970’s a vision was given to people of many cultures. In that vision, we beheld the Earth in crisis; ultimately the Amazon was the last refuge for life on the planet. From the heart of the Amazon grew the World tree, and it was clear that the very fate of the world hinged on our ability and willingness to protect the heart of creation.

In 2001 I was privileged to visit the Amazon with my teacher, the late Dr. Bernardo Peixoto., the last Uru-e-wau-wau shaman. During that trip we spoke about the vision and his hope that the healer within each of us would awaken in time to avert the great suffering.

While Covid19 is proving catastrophic for Natives and people of color in the U.S., it appears to be even more devastating for the Amazon, where a ruthless government seems bent on utilizing it to destroy the remaining Indigenous people and the precious forest in which they live. In Manaus, the capital of Amazonia, the situation has become desperate. All of this goes on with the implicit, and sometimes explicit, approval of the United States government.

Over this past weekend Kay Sara, a Brazilian Indigenous theatre artist, addressed the world from her home in the Amazon. She spoke about the plight of Amazonia and her peoples under the current Brazilian dictatorship. Her message was desperate, yet she spoke with eloquence and compassion. Kay said that the Amazon basin is on the brink of collapse and the Indigenous people who live there are suffering renewed genocide. Placing her life in great danger, she told her truth: we have, collectively, no more than ten years to prevent the compete collapse of arguably the most important ecosystem on the planet. You may hear or read her brief speech, which opened Germany’s Festwochen 2020, here.

We are now living in the time prophesied by the vision. This time will be one of great challenge and danger for people of courage and vision. May we awaken our hearts of wisdom and compassion, and step into the great Dreaming of a world renewed. If we do not, our greed will create a dream of unimaginable suffering for our progeny.



12 thoughts on “A Time of Vision

  1. I think a lot about what changes we would have to make here in the US and also globally to make a difference. The stay at home orders around the globe have made a dramatic and observable difference in air quality but I wonder if, when the virus is under control, we will go back to the way we lived previously. It would seem like it would be very important for us to decrease consumption because of all the collateral damage caused by manufacturing and disposal of our stuff. I was listening to the fed chair yesterday and he seems to be advocating that systemically we need to reverse our value of economic growth that started after the Great Depression. I am working on supporting only small businesses even though I may have to pay more because their business model is usually to provide good products/service, make a living for the owner, and provide employment for some additional people. Becoming super wealthy should not be a part of the equation. Thanks, Michael, for getting me thinking again along these lines.

    1. Hi Pat,
      So much to repair and so little tile. Certainly we have done amazing things in the past, and are capable in the present.
      We have taken to supporting a few local businesses that have a real positive impact here. Otherwise, we try not to spend a lot. Still, things happen and require repair or replacement, and we do need books and art supplies. LOL!
      Be well!

  2. Moving post. Like you, I hope this is time to move forward and make the world a better place. Things are on the edge, and the powers that be are hoping to tip them back in their favor. We can hope and we can vote.

    1. Oh, Andy! I so appreciate your optimism. I grew up in a family that was seemingly lacking in optimism. Now I have a better idea of why. NO matter, optimism is important. Perhaps hope even more so. You present us with both, for which I am truly appreciative. At the same time, you are a keen observer, and yes, things do not look good at this moment. I am holding on to hope. (T.S. Eliot might well counsel otherwise…..)

  3. I read a lot about the Amazon. I know politicians make a lot of promises. Then the financial interest does its job… How sad! And it makes me angry!
    The white man doesn’t understand and it’s terrible!

    1. Colette,
      Yes, it is terrible. It is also very old. At times it wanes, but now the violence and destruction are very much back. It is not just the Amazon; many Indigenous people are under assault, including here in the US. Th problem is beyond me. Perhaps it is more simple than I think; maybe it is simple greed.

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