11 thoughts on “Ravine

    1. Hi Laurie,
      I seldom put work in progress on this blog. Actually, I seldom do so on my art blog….
      Anyway, I have been making a few collages where I incorporate worlds. This time I began work on the poem and added collage elements. I’m not sure either works, but I am engaged and wanted to share the work as it is. I have also been playing with Twitter as a poetry medium but ……
      Does this help?

  1. I like works in progress. I think because I like to see how things develop, and, in my own case, sometimes the works, for whatever reason, become shelved or a total different entity.

    1. Andy, I like them, too. Maybe I can allow myself to do more. And yes, who knows where work will lead over time. A friend and I traded haiku for years. At one point we had a collection of about 500. Alas, that is long gone. There were some excellent haiku in there, but mostly it was an ongoing work in progress. Maybe that is what our lives are?

  2. This is powerful, Michael. I enjoyed seeing a piece of your artistic side, as if there is an artistic side and an non-artistic side. I guess what I wanted to say is that I enjoyed actually seeing your artistic work instead of trying to image it from reading your thoughts about what you value and dream for. For what its worth – your visual offerings and your verbal offerings are highly integrated. Not a surprise to me.

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