Returning to Indra’s Net

A stormy spring day, heavy rain and wind abounding. Outside, a few birds brave the elements in order to feed as green creeps across the landscape. Today the outside world mirrors the within space, and the mood of the world.

In the present chaos it is so easy to forget that we are all entwined, that all beings are infinitely interconnected. Each of us is a node in Indra’s Net. That blade of grass over there is a node, the sparrow at the feeder is a node, the virus that terrifies us is a node. The Net is flexible and evolving, resilient and unfathomable. It will continue long after humanity is gone.

We are each part of this immortal Web of Being that stretches back to the big bang, and before. What would the world be like if we all remembered this, and acted as if all beings are us, and sacred?

Isn’t it marvelous that when things seem overwhelming, even hopeless, we want to see what happens next?

5 thoughts on “Returning to Indra’s Net

  1. When we have a feeling of peace, of joy, we hope it’s forever. But when we suffer, we need to think tomorrow will be a better day.

    1. Yes. Colette, we also work for a better future don’t we? That combination of hope and work seems almost Biblical, but of course is what wise people have taught for as long as humans have been here.
      May you have joy, peace, and safety during this challenging time.

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