Late afternoon and the sun has disappeared behind the clouds that are gathering in the west. Dark will come early tonight.  The weather continues to offer mostly warm, dry days and cool nights, resulting in a very mild winter.

I have spent much of the day at the computer, working on our office website. Yesterday we wrestled with our new home office, a space that has been unusually challenging to organize so that it feels good to us. Tomorrow we hope to work with the group space upstairs. We have to bring in some help in order to move furniture up and down the stairs, a somewhat onerous task we have tried to avoid but ultimately have found necessary.

There is something profoundly human about tinkering with space, be it a tent, an office, or a house. We seem innately programed to fuss with our lived surround, a trait that if we are observant, might remind us that animals are indeed kin.

A couple of days ago we had a dog guest for the day. We had already picked up her bed, and had a much loved toy on hand. As soon as she arrived, our doggie guest gathered her toy, carried it to her bed, and set about creating home. We were reminded of the nest building that accompanied our move, and continues to be a focus of much our day to day lives.

There is much to be gained for remembering that we are not alone in out hungers and needs. Comfort seeking is innate to many species and spirits. Indeed, often our troubles with Ancestors and spirits arise from them feeling dis-ease or discomfort, and the remedy is to help them feel more at ease or at home. So simple.


6 thoughts on “Needs

  1. I really enjoyed this post, Michael. I smiled as I read it because nesting is so important to me. We have been in our Florida home for close to nine years and I keep replacing, fixing, painting furniture and decorating in order for it to be the place of peace and nurturing that my soul needs. We bought a different, unfinished coffee table and finished it to fit into the style of our nest. We keep saying how much we like it and these rooms now feel like my home. I just need to get some of my photos on the walls but that takes time because my printer is in Michigan and my walls are in Florida. I think even the tiny “ghost ants” are at home – and very happy if I don’t put away everything sweet or with sweet on it. They amaze me.

      1. You are so right about not having pictures on the walls. I do have them but keep changing them to find the right ones for the right spaces. I keep reminding myself that it took 40 years of collecting to fill my walls up north. Normally as soon as furniture is in place, photos go up.

  2. I find it very natural to do our best to create a new home to be one, where we also do feel ourselves comfortable and home. This might demand moving a little around, until we are satisfied with the results.
    Good for you to have some people to help you moving your furniture.
    When I move into a new place, I do also my best to make it feel like a home best possible. This makes the change of home much easier.
    My animals used to have their beds and blankets to help them getting comfortable and feel safe in the new place. Then to find out, where food and water will be too.

    1. Hi Irene,
      yes, moving animals to new homes requires thought and efforts to comfort. So often adults forget that animals (and kids) need extra help in making moves. (Sometimes adults do too1)
      It was great to have aid and the rearranging too no time at all!

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