Today dawned bright and clear. Following the time change, I was up to greet the dawn, or more accurately, I watched from bed. We have a magnificent view of the morning sky from our bedroom, and a good west view as well.

Jennie put out the feeders and the birds and squirrels have found them!

We have completed our move and are well into tiding things up both here in the village and back home in Vermont. Predictably, having a continued presence in both places is more complex than we thought. We are daily reminded that home is important, especially in challenging times.

The Days of the Dead have passed and we have collectively settled into late autumn here in the North. There are even rumors of snow for later this week and next. Here on hte coast there is still rich color on some trees, although last week’s storms have largely stripped the foliage. The warmth of October has lingered we have reveled in it. By week’s end it will be gone and we will be embedded in November’s chill and gray.

I have been remiss in responding to those of you who have followed this blog over the past couple of months. I deeply appreciate your stopping by and signing on for more posts. I hope you will join in the discussion as suits you.

I hope to get back to regular posts in the next week or so. There is much to think about!



7 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Good to hear, that both of you are settling in, Michael.
    A move of home demands time and more difficult, while having two homes. It sounds good with your new views in the morning 🙂
    All good luck to you and take your time.

      1. Hi Michael. The basement is usually the last to both get packed and unpacked. It is often storage things, which can wait a little.
        I’m working on my next move, where I will move to South Germany to stay more close to my daughter and Granddaughter. The weather there is a mix of Denmark and Spain, so it should not be too warm either, which it is here, where I live now. This move demand much planning, as everything need to go in one time. All good luck to both of you.

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