Small News

Last evening we had a thunderstorm; I was working at the time so had little opportunity to experience or enjoy it. After the storm passed there was a superb display as the sunset illuminated the last of the trailing cumulonibus clouds over the lake. This morning new clouds are building over the mountains; although the forecast is for no rain, as I watch the clouds rise towards the sun, I wonder.

This week we are sleeping in the upstairs master bedroom. The first traces of morning light arrive around four-thirty, along with a chorus of bird song. By six the sky is flush with sunrise brighted clouds, usually altocumulus; the resulting interplay of Mediterranean blue sky and painted cloud is a joy to behold.

We have settled into Vermont summer, with warm, bright days and gloriously cool, star filled nights. Now, at mid-morning, the day is still cool, although the heat is rising here in the upstairs study. The remnants of the cup of fresh coffee I brewed myself twenty minutes ago is barely warm and I am longing to turn it in for an iced version. This is one of those fine days when I can easily imagine settling in for a conversation with E.B. White, and a pig or two, about the weather, news of the greater world, and the progress we are, or aren’t, making on our reading lists.

It seems to me that we desperately need those leisurely conversations about life, moments largely, or completely, devoid of attention to the pressing events unfurling in the background. I don’t get nearly enough of such conversations, and find myself imagining a not so distant future when they are more abundant. Maybe that’s why I find myself wanting to write about the small news of the day here on my blog.

What’s your small news, the details of  your life that shine like lighthouses in the dark, and guide you home? Wanna share some?


16 thoughts on “Small News

  1. Hours spent plucking tiny clover sprouts from the Lady Bird Johnson Demonstration Garden making room in the understory. Is this how 4-leaf clover became fortunate?

    1. So many well used hours! I remember pulling clover from our gardens and how seldom there were four leaf plants. Yes, maybe their rareness became connected to luck…..

  2. Mr. Yoda, a gorgeous sweet German shepherd we rescued in KY, has been interviewed twice and will officially be adopted and enter VT Paws and Boots service dog school Saturday. We did a podcast with Animal Rescue Professionals Association last week. Enjoying the gorgeous days walking dogs, working on our book and running along the shore with the sand tickling my toes. See you the 6th 🙂

  3. Peonies bursting, fading and others yet to come. Ladies mantle, lemon lilies and bird song. Heat, mosquitos, spinach harvest and peas flowering. Rooster crowing down the road and so much more bird song.

    Good to hear your reflections Michael.

  4. I, too, am finding immense pleasure in simple things like the birds at the bird feeders and flowers coming into bloom, the fields of the small farms that are sprouting green, and taking a nap this afternoon because I stayed up too late watching the debate and post debate discussion. It felt so good writing my last post about observations of spring in northern Michigan. My fear, anger, disgust and hatred that seem to be permanent residents in my brain must be taking so much energy that I don’t have any left to do the writing I believe I should be doing. It is hard maintaining my good humor when my emotions have turned so sour.

    1. Pat, my despair, sadness and rage have often silenced me. I do not really believe in “shoulds” so I am left with “Wants”. I love to write and make art and take photos and when I succumb to the craziness of our day, I feel untethered. I spend a lot of time attempting to make space for wantings.

      1. yes, I have been filling my days with quilt making, my form of art. I think it has been therapeutic.

      2. I haven’t been able to get myself into processing photos from last winter, printing for note cards, or printing for framing. And when I am quiet in my study, I feel the heaviness pressing on my chest. I worry about so many in our country (and the world) who don’t have our past learning experience and knowledge of healing. I think if the next election turns out positive we will have to have a month of mourning. I time when we all lick our wounds before healing can begin.

  5. After a terrific thunderstorm, where the clouds were so black that little funnel wisps formed beneath them, we watched a sandhill crane forage for subterranean grubs in our front yard. There’s something ominous and awesome about bright green foliage against a black sky heavy with rain.

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