The World Renewed!

Today dawned cloudy, then quickly became a glorious, sun drenched, early spring dream. We have passed the equinox and the sun is higher in the sky. The remaining snow, and deep tree shadows, serve to amplify the sunlight, creating a dazzling, high contrast world.

About ten days ago I had eyelash repair surgery. Polio and age had taken their toll, giving into gravity and significantly reducing my visual field. Opening my eyes post surgery was a revelation! Then the swelling set in; now, as the bruising subsides, I can read, write, and see again, a least for growing periods of time.

The world has become enormous! Who would have thought such a small intervention would reap such enormous benefits!?

18 thoughts on “The World Renewed!

  1. My husband had his eyelids taken up and he said the same thing. I am currently reading a book on the Aging Intellect and the author says that small changes can create significant improvements in intellectual functioning and life satisfaction. So happy you could have this done and I am sure you will find many positive side-effects of having an enormous world! 🙂

      1. I’m so g;ad your sight improved! I remember when I first got glasses in 3rd grade. It was the first time I realized one could see individual leaves on trees rather than cotton-ball tops. 🙂

      2. I wonder if you discovered the same trick I used to see the blackboard because I was no nearsighted, I would cradle my face in my open hands, pulling to outer corner of my eyes with my fingers so the squint was less obvious, narrowing my focus so I could see in the distance a little better. 🙂

    1. Jamie, thank oyu. The change is remarkable. So odd the way we slowly lose vision without knowing it….. Seems larger than that as a metaphor for our social life at the moment, eh?

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