Ciaro, Egypt 2018

DSC07697Jennie is home from Egypt. Here she writes about her work, explorations, and friendships in Cairo.

Jennie kristel's Blog

DSC07697 I  am now back from Cairo, Egypt, where I spent two weeks working with Dawar Arts ( wonderful experience on many levels.  And, I have to say, it was lovely to move around without a winter coat!

Working with my colleague Ben Rivers, and others at the Dawar Arts Center was exciting and inspiring.

Ben Monier and I at the Left Bank on the Nile RiverBen Rivers, Ahmed Mounir, and I having lunch by the Nile River.

Dawar is fast becoming a home for therapies, psychodrama, dance/movement work, arts based therapies  workshops and training.  I was the first trainer in their Creative Arts Training program, a year long diploma program to support community advocates in using the arts in their work.  Our focus was on using Visual art, and we integrated other expressive arts into the process.  Participants of this program

28945820_10159919721725136_383828218_o Conversing on Paper

come from all over Egypt, and Lebanon.  My last workshop “Caring for Caregivers An arts based approach…

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