Summer Sunday

We are in the midst of a series of fine days. The maple up the street, the one that fills my office window, is rapidly turning red, and there are hints of color in other trees as well. The robin that took up residence on our porch has settled into nesting, and we are actively encouraging the teenage racoon who occupied our compost bin to move along. In a sure sign of the season someone with a distorted sense of humor has begun posting notices on Facebook about how many weeks remain before likely first snow.

The past two evenings we have enjoyed picnics by the lake. Now we are considering a trip up to the islands for a late afternoon kayak. Summer in Vermont is best spent outdoors and we are trying to take advantage of whatever good weather comes along to get out.

Yesterday was cool and sunny and last night was downright autumnal. Yesterday being Saturday, we were busy: we went to the farmer’s market, Jennie hung a show of her prints at our computer specialists’ store, we attended our local celebration of summer and community (The Ramble), and we ended the day picnicking and walking by the lake. 

We’ve arrived at that much yearned for time of the year when fresh fruit and vegetables fill the market, creating a veritable riot of color and fragrance, and when the temptation to over buy (there are only two of us most of the time) overwhelms any sense of discretion. The garden has struggled this year, as have most farmers, but we continue to bring in fresh veggies to compliment our market finds. As a result, our table overflows with vibrant, diverse color, and looking at a meal is almost as much fun as eating it.

For breakfast this morning Jennie had picked up some local, frozen croissants, which she baked while making Turkish coffee.  I made a fresh fruit salad, and Jennie broke out one of our few remaining jars of Green Man jam. The Green Man retired from jam making last year, leaving a seemingly unfillable hole in our local gastronomical economy, and we’ve been carefully doling out our last delicious jars.

Well, the day is getting along and so should I. I hope your Sunday is lovely, wherever you may be.




10 thoughts on “Summer Sunday

  1. Your Summer is for enjoying outdoor and you are both enjoying, Michael 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your positive mood, wish you a beautiful day and a good trip in your kayak.

  2. You are enjoying the summer in many of the same ways we are. It feels so good to let this season’s joys preempt politics. The horrors of our politics will be with us for a while and turning our backs on nature to attend to politics will not lead to any change. I am loving the blueberries, peaches, and corn on the cob that are plentiful at our local markets. And the wild flowers along the roads are very impressive this year.

  3. My first year at vegetable growing has been quite a miraculous learning experience! I have a bag of green/wax/purple beans in my fridge that weighs as much as a bowling ball and a couple of zucchinis that together weigh more than my son did when we first met. I did make a good gluten-free chocolate zucchini cake that uses 3 cups of shredded zucchini. It got Steve’s approval and our neighbor’s, too. So maybe I’ll just “let them eat cake”!

  4. Ah, summer! The gardens and wildflowers have been glorious this year – an extended spring and not-so-hot summer. Gratitude for the bounty before it all fades away again, much too quickly. Enjoy the season, Michael!

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