Foggy Morning

We woke before five to discover a dense fog had settled over our neighborhood. A short while ago the early summer sun rose through the mist, illuminating the garden and woodlands. On our neighbor’s roof, an American Robin stands guard over his territory.

The wet spring has resulted in a verdant garden and forest. The irises are blooming and the poppies are ready to burst into fiery orange splendor. We’ve been eating lettuce and broccoli rabi from the garden, a welcome change from the less favorable versions we purchase at the grocery. 

Today is forecast to be warmer and sunny, a welcome break from the chill and rain. If we have a few dry days in a row, which seems unlikely at the moment, we will be able to finally get at the more noxious weeds in our gardens.

Our vegetable gardens are deeply shaded for most of the day, and we are pleased to gather what we may, given the rather challenging growing conditions most plants face. We have replanted the carrots and may need to replant other crops. As happened two springs ago, the rain has been incessant, although not as torrential, threatening to rot the seeds before they germinate. Still, everything looks much better than it has either of the past two years, for which we are grateful.

Today is a busy workday and we will likely not get time outside the office til this evening. With luck, the mosquitoes will be intimidated by the evening sun and we will be able to enjoy dinner on the front porch. We enjoy evenings on the porch, slowly eating dinner while imbibing a glass of wine and chatting with passing neighbors and their pets. Mostly those pets are canines, but there are cats who walk with their owners (an oxymoron, I know). Sometimes whole families pass by: parents, kids, dogs, and cats together in an unruly mob; at such times, the conversation can be truly enthralling.


9 thoughts on “Foggy Morning

  1. Are those lilacs in the first picture? I missed all but the first two days of our lilac season this year while traveling. My favorite scent! I have to find somewhere to buy lilac oil again…

  2. The photos are enthralling, Michael. You seem to be doing what I found works in these troubled times. I embrace the beauty around me, take pleasures in common tasks (sometimes not until they are completed), and enjoy those wonderful people who cross my path. More of an antidote than an escape from the chaos and meanness of our bigger world. May you find joy in all that you do today.

    1. Pat, it was a lovely day. I hope yours was as well. By the way, I feel blessed to have chanced upon those photos! And yes, taking pleasure and gratitude where I find them is my way of nurturing drlf and life.

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