Vernal Equinox 2017

The weather has turned more seasonable while remaining on the chilly side. The storm managed a good 30 inches of snow, the second most ever recorded in a single tempest here. Now the mid-March sun creates a rich tapestry of light and shadow across the snow-covered forested landscape.

February and March are dear to me for the quality of their light. February shadows are often an unbelievably sublime blue, while March yields a sparkling, playful light on the snow.

These days I find myself cycling between a cautious spring hopefulness and a form of dark dread, struggling to find anything approaching balance in these difficult times. There is something about the greed and lack of empathy at work in our world that wears away at me. The outer world has taken on form and substance that echos my most nagging fears and concerns. I often feel terribly alone, even as I speak to many people who share much of my experience.

The Earth has turned back on her axis and we have arrived at the equinox, that lovely moment when all of the world’s beings briefly share the experience of balance between light and dark. After that brief pause in the middle, the tilt will continue, leading to summer in the northern hemisphere or winter in the southern. Six months from now, we will again meet in the middle.

I like to think that the excesses of our historical moment will also turn, move towards some sort of middle ground, before again shifting towards the extremes. These shifts are, uncomfortably, less predictable and dependable than the equinoxes and solstices, yet  play out in their own great cycles. Our human frame of reference is relatively short, and the time required for history to cycle can be comparatively long. From a geological point of view, human historical epochs are infinitesimally brief, as will be the lifespan of humans as a species.

This morning I write, straining to hold both my own, unique, very human perspective, and the long view. I want to see this heartbreaking time through my own experience as an individual human being, and through the sweeping perspective of Mother Earth. It is a demanding exercise requiring a perplexing stretching of the imagination.

Perhaps it is not really possible to fully wrap our arms around these differing perspectives, yet it seems important to try. When I stop and consider it, I become aware that the very effort is a sort of miracle of consciousness, a moment of the universe becoming aware of itself, a mystery to be pondered and held close and dear. In that moment I am reminded that miracles happen even in difficult times.

11 thoughts on “Vernal Equinox 2017

  1. I find that in the lead up to the balance of the equinoxes that the world and life often seems chaotic, I hope that there will be more balance in the coming months, even as I fear that there won’t be.

  2. Well expressed thoughts, Michael. On the subject of greed and lack of compassion, I woke up this morning thinking about the cultural value of Norway – Thou shalt not have more than thy neighbors.” Inherent in this value is that thy neighbor should not have less than thee. And because they hold this value, they vote to have 50% to 70% tax in order to share in the privilege of having the government take care of them and their neighbor. I wish I could find a way to put this mindset into all the water systems. It would be a wonderful place to start when working on policies. If you have any spare time, you can work with me to find the additive that changes brain neurons to understand that we are just one small part of the natural world with all it’s wonderful cycles. Do you think our current administration would see our tampering with the water system in this way as a terrorist act? 🙂 We could sell the rights for a B-grade movie. (Sorry for acting out a little in response to the craziness around us.)

    1. Oh, Pat, what a marvelous idea! An additive! I secretly wonder if our collective madness might have something to do with an additive in our drinking water, so appreciate the notion of an antidote! And I have grand ideas for the movie! I love Norway!

    1. Hi Carol, Thank you for the warm thoughts and the link. Yes, we must find hope and solace where we may. And yes, there are many dreamers out there who hold that long view, and who remind us that not all is lost. I’m also not that enamored of revolutions, so appreciate ideas for how me might constructively change…..

  3. First of all, I noticed that you got the wished more snow and water for the coming seasons, Michael 😀
    All wishes sent out to the universe will be answered, in one way or another…
    I have thought a lot about, why we have these crisis in challenge now. It could be, because we need to learn to stand together as the one, as we also are. Humanity have not been very human for many years, which could be about to change now. More developed souls send out wishes about peace, clean water and living more together with our nature without the need of economic profit, that has been the top goal for many years. This create greed and indifference among the greedy people, which can only go one way.
    Wish you and Jennie an amazing spring.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we received the snow and are happy and grateful. And yes, the greed can only lead to intense suffering. I wish we could awaken and i wonder whether we can.

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