Christmas Night

LightsChristmas Night has fallen across the valley, following a long, rich day. We were blessed with the opportunity to spend time last night and today with several old friends, and to make new friends. It was a joy to sit, and to play, with so many people of all ages who are determined to live full lives even in dangerous times, and to stand with those who face threat and harm.

There was much conversation about the paradoxes of our time, about how we often find ourselves feeling sad, overwhelmed, and hopeless in one moment, only to suddenly rediscover a sense of peace, caring, and purposefulness in the next. Many spoke about the necessity of nurturing courage and determination in the face of indifference or hostility. We reminded each other that none of us is alone, that in this time of lights shining in the rich darkness there is the possibility of warmth, friendship, and community, and that the rise of hardship, even evil, is a part of human experience.

Jennie and I hope that your Holidays are rich in love, joy, and connection to that, and those, you hold most dear.


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