Impermanence and Light

DSC02355After a sultry weekend the weather has turned cool and sunny. The early morning and late evening light is perfect; we sit and watch it as it changes, moment to moment. The light at 5:30 a.m. is not that of 7.

*Being with the light, I am reminded of the impermanence of things, as well as their continuity. Somehow, even as my heart breaks from witnessing the destruction of the world, I know life will arise from whatever remains. Isn’t that the central law of Earth: that as long as Life is possible here, it will find expression?

Do you, too, want to witness what happens next, and how the story ends? Of course, the story does not truly end; until the conditions that allow life cease, there will be another chapter or a sequel. Even in the most dire of times, we may remember the page, and plot, will turn.


*Inspired by the post, Fragility and Impermanence, written by Julian Stodd.




















































7 thoughts on “Impermanence and Light

  1. I have had many of the same thoughts, Michael. I do believe in the renewal of the earth but what worries me is that it takes so much longer for life to renew itself than it takes to destroy it.

  2. At this point in life, transience is a theme that recurs frequently in my meditation and in my poetry. I’m not sure we would appreciate the beauty that surrounds us if it were not for the fragility of creation. Thought-full post, Michael.

  3. The world will stay and evolve, I think, though human beings may become extinct. I saw a doumentary recently that showed Chernobyl with flora and fawna renewing themselves Apparently the fawna show no ill-effects and yet humans do. ??? One must accept it all as part of the greater evolution.

    1. Yes, Jamie, the world is resilient. This is a relief, and a source of hope for me. I doubt we will see that resilience on a large scale in our lifetimes, yet we know it must surely come.

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