Autumn Comes to Vermont










Autumn came swiftly this weekend. Early yesterday morning we went to the farmers’ market, winter jackets drawn up tight below our chins. Wind blown sleet and rain drove everyone to cover, where we commiserated with the already frozen vendors.














Then home to more sleet.










Overnight we had our first freeze, which ended the season for the morning glories. This year we enjoyed an abundance!



















This afternoon I ventured out again. The woods were lovely, the rain and sleet softly muting the colors.










The day featured snow showers and squalls, and moments of brilliant sun. Stormy weather often creates dramatic skies over the lake and Adirondacks. Today I did not tarry long by the lake. Although the scene was dramatic and rapidly changing, the wind was biting, so too soon I headed home.


11 thoughts on “Autumn Comes to Vermont

    1. Thank you. Autumn here has been subdued after a long, hot, dry end to summer. Still, there are bursts of color, and the leaf turn has lasted much longer than usual. It has been a pleasure to journey through the hills and moutains of home.

  1. Hi Michael,

    Lovely photos–that capture the oncoming season. Here in Seattle we are still in the midst of autumn, but you are ahead of us, moving into winter! Stay warm and dry!
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks, Naomi, We are in the time of almost daily change. Cold one day, warm the next. Of course, the trend is definitely down. Most climate folks here believe we will have a very mild winter. We shall see.

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