inspire envision breathe

Every now and then I find myself deeply moved by a piece of writing. This poem by Vera Wabegijig speaks beautifully to my hope for a renewed world.

wild rice dreams

see, i have this dream

that the world will stop spinning

out of control, we hang onto the tree trunks so we don’t fall

off the edge into oblivion

if only we let our feet settle on the roots and dive into the ground

see, i have this dream

that if the world stopped spinning

out of control, we wouldn’t have to hold on so tight

we could let our toes wiggle and feel the breeze tickle our souls

see, in this dream

we take a break as the world spins

we wake with the sun, give thanks

walk along the earth and take notice of the seasons

how the wind bends the grasses, the branches

we just take a moment to breathe

let breath take over for a moment

see this dream

unfold before us as we spin on this earth

beneath stars that beckon us to dream


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3 thoughts on “inspire envision breathe

  1. miigwech for sharing this poem. over the past few years, i’ve been thinking about if only the world could stop for a moment and we could all just breathe and heal then start again with our new selves, new discoveries, new ways of being. i keep writing these poems hoping to get it down right. i think this one is the closest i’ve gotten so far. and i’m happy that it is connecting with so many like-minded people reminding me that healing is taking place in our own ways when we stop to take it all in. miigwech michael 🙂

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