“Forgive but Not Forget”: Stages of Rage & Healing

This is a fine piece of writing. The subject is difficult. My relatives would not speak about their experiences. We were a silent family, only the hurt and love told of the hardships my parents and their families faced. The words Helen speaks here are true, touching the heart.

Reclaim the Warrior

Last week, I sat with an elder and heard her life story. I don’t want to say that I have been desensitized to my people’s pain but rather, I have come to expect certain themes to emerge from Indigenous people’s stories. Even more so when it is an Indigenous person who has been to a residential school. I have witnessed people’s truth and have heard some very horrific stories which always results in a bodily reaction. So this time, I sat with this elder in this new and personal environment, thinking that I had already mentally prepared for the possibilities and facets of life that could be exposed.

I was wrong.

I am continually wrong when it comes to controlling my emotions (humanity) when exposed to the depth of someones pain and trauma.

I don’t think I am the only one who experiences a physiological reaction when faced with the hard truths…

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