Can A Tipi Stop A Pipeline

My father’s father’s people, the people of the Black Hills, have spoken about the fate of the Earth.  They, and many other Indian nations, stand together in opposition to the Keystone Pipeline. They ask everyone to stand with them in support of Mother Earth.  As a parent, grandparent, and elder I join with them. Prophesy says the future of life on Mother Earth is in our hands.

The following post and accompanying video give voice to their request. The time is crucial and the task difficult. Please share this message widely.

Can a Tipi Stop a Pipeline?

Keystone Tar Sands / XL Pipeline. Nearly everyone is familiar with these words and most have at least some opinion about what they represent. Those who are willing to sacrifice the very things which make life possible on this planet for personal gain, they mean fabulous wealth and power. For some, they only mean possibly saving a few cents at the gas pump. For others, who have studied the short and long term effects of what these words represent, a far more grim reality becomes apparent.

The most reputable scientists from all over the world have made their findings on these projects known to the governments of the United States, Canada, the United Nations and this research is in agreement with the beliefs and ancient knowledge of the First Nations people of the American continents; we are putting the ability for living organisms to survive on this planet at grave risk! The indigenous peoples have long understood the relationship of man and nature. Ironically, it is these very people who now bear the initial brunt and negative effects of these projects.

Having been relegated to so called “Sacrifice Zones”, lands and rights under treaty with federal governments have been discarded. So have the health and safety of the men, women, and children living in these areas been ravaged and discarded for corporate and political greed.

Now, the people of the First Nations are organizing to protect and shield the people, natural resources and cultural heritage from the devastation, knowing that it is not only their small corner of the world they are protecting, but the very survival of the entire living organism that is Mother Earth.

Read More and Watch Video.

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