Coyote Kicks Around A Can With the Creator

container-yardCoyote slowly climbed the hill, kicking the empty can before her. Her course was a rough zig-zag, although the slope of the incline was not severe. Every now and again the can would disappear into a pothole and she would have to stop and dig it out.

Coyote was deep in thought. Something was nagging her although she was not clear yet as to exactly what that might be. She looked around, noticing the state of the landscape through which she passed. Every now and again she shook her head. This head shaking was entirely unconscious, tending to occur in the space between can kicks.

Suddenly the Creator was walking beside her. “What’s up? You look sort of down,” She/He said, stepping expertly in front of Coyote and sending the can arching through the air.

“I don’t know,” responded Coyote. “You gave me the task of completing the world. It seemed easy enough. Everything was beautiful and it was great fun trying things out. Not everything worked of course, but that was part of the struggle. Now look at it.”

The Creator glanced around. “Seems like there is a lot of concrete and wire,” She/He noted.  “Oh, and the smoke from those stacks burns my eyes. I thought they cleaned that up in the 70’s.”

“You should try the water,” Coyote said, not bothering to dilute the irony in her voice. “Let’s face it, I’ve failed. You should have chosen someone else for the job.”

“Well, now. The task is not completed yet,” responded the Creator reassuringly.

“”I know,” acknowledged Coyote. “In fact it’s endless. People forget that I was the model for Sisyphus, and that was over two thousand years ago. The job’s just got harder and harder. No one appreciates me.”

“I do,” She/He cooed. “Listen, I know you’re disappointed. You’ve labored a long time on this project. Maybe we should just clean the canvas and start over.”

“COULD WE!!??” exclaimed Coyote.

“How would you like to do it? Fire might be nice, or water, or even ice,” suggested She/He.

Coyote pondered this as they walked along. “Maybe all three?” she asked. “I really do want a clean slate.”

“Sure thing. How about we take care of all this first thing tomorrow?”

They walked a while in silence, then Coyote, noticeably more animated, said, “You know. I’ve some ideas I’d like to try out. What would you think if we….”

2 thoughts on “Coyote Kicks Around A Can With the Creator

  1. “Yes, we do have some things to try out Coyote. I’ll keep my eyes out for possibilities. Let me know what I can do.” Eagle

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