Think before you tweet

Cynthia (Ištá Tȟó Tȟó) Coleman Emery's Blog

The headline reads: Cher blasts Thanksgiving.

The celebrity apparently tweeted the holiday signals the devastation of Indian peoples.

So she doesn’t honor the holiday.

When I was in high school I shared her feelings.

I rejected materialism, capitalism, marriage—and anything that smacked of traditions.

When I told my mother I was rejecting Thanksgiving, she just laughed.

My mother was born on the reservation in Oklahoma, and her mother, and her mother’s mother, and all her relatives celebrate Thanksgiving.

Fall marks a celebratory time for giving thanks to the creator.

And when I went to university and joined the Native American student union, we all celebrated Thanksgiving in a fellowship of many tribes and traditions.

None of the Indian students I knew rejected Thanksgiving.

Our relatives long celebrated Thanksgiving before the settlers arrived.

It’s our holiday.

Someone should tell Cher.

Thirteenth blog for National Native American Heritage Month

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