Dream Messages

Boston CommonsEver since I began working with my first teacher I have dreamed about the journeys of clients. Sometimes I remember the dream on waking; other times the dreaming comes back in the midst of my trying to be useful to someone who requests my aid. Oft times the information that comes with the dream is immensely helpful. Other times I find myself confused or conflicted, or I don’t like the message of the dream and find myself unsure whether to share the dream in any way.

I intend to be straightforward but sometimes the message inherent in the dream seems too much to share. In those moments I labor to remember things are just the way they are, and the dream is simply offering a description of the state of things and pointing toward the most likely outcome. It may be that events will unfold as they did in the dream. (Dreams often have a sense of finality about them.)  Then again, they may not. I best catch my breath and remember there is most likely a good deal of flexibility in bringing about other, perhaps better, outcomes.

In moments such as this I like to seek a larger view, although sometimes that has to wait til much later. Fortunately the universe seems to recognize the challenges we humans face in responding to its messages. Most often we get the chance to go back and look into things more carefully, taking the time to let whatever emotions accompany the dreaming pass over us like clouds scudding across the clear, deep, evening sky. From such consideration we may develop clear vision. We may also recognize some things are simply fated and it will do us no good to argue with them.

When I was a first year student in Philosophy at University I was taught the universe must be either determined or undetermined, our lives either fated or offering free will. The shamanic view of the world suggests both views are, in a limited way, true. The task is to embrace the view that most accurately describes the problem at hand and , when possible, offers the most promising paths forward.

4 thoughts on “Dream Messages

  1. My father described life as a fan-shaped destiny. Where ever you might be in your life, there are a whole array of possible paths. Once a step is taken, a whole new array arises.

  2. Thank you. This provides mush welcome food for thought right when it is needed! Funny how the universe works, isn’t it?!

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