The Healing Circle

Indian ElephantsYesterday our beloved friend, and Abenaki Medicine woman, Dee Brightstar called to ask us to post something on this blog about the ongoing mutilation and killing of elephants in Africa. Elephants are dear to her and to us, and the ongoing slaughter of these beings is a source of deep grief.

The carnage is driven by greed and desperation. Ivory from elephants has become invaluable, and much of the ivory from poaching makes its way into the creation of sacred religious objects. Many elephants are killed by poachers using assault weapons. These killings are indiscriminate, ending the lives of pregnant females and their babies, as well as those of adult males. (Jennie just came in to tell me the assault weapons bill has failed to pass Congress.) In this moment I am struck by the parallels between the indiscriminate murder of people and the fate of Africa’s elephants.

This morning, as Jennie and I spoke about Dee’s request, we realized the need for a space where we can share the requests we receive for healing thoughts and prayers, as well as the expressions of gratitude and joy. There is an ancient gathering of healers from around the world, living and in spirit, that meets at 10 each evening. (That is 10 p.m. your local time, where ever you may be.) This circle of Healing is the model for our new site. To learn more about our new page, please visit The Healing Circle.

To learn more about the plight of African elephants, and ways you might help,visit:

Poachers in Chad Slaughter 89 Elephants

SOS Elephants

A Voice For Elephants

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