A Weekend of Teaching

Kettle Pond, Groton State Forest

Jennie and I spent this past weekend with students from Burlington College’s Integral Psychology Program. They were with us in order to spend five very full days and nights engaged in learning tools for visionary healing. Our focus was on Shamanism, other  Native American approaches to healing, and Reiki. Indeed, Visionary Healing occupied every moment of the Intensive, including our magical evening at the fireworks.

We were blessed to be joined at different times by Dee Brightstar, an Abenaki Medicine Woman, and Alicia Daniels, a gifted shaman. Alicia took the students on a long hike, introducing them to the spirits of the land near our home. Dee  introduced the students to the plant world, and traditional uses of plant medicine.

The group moved between our home and Groton State Forest. In each locale, the birds, animals, and trees offered remarkable companionship. Each ceremony and healing saw them actively joining us. Indeed, when the students performed healingfor one another Sunday morning, the ravens, squirrels and chipmunks came right into the circle, chanting and rattling in pitch with our songs, joining in at precisely the right moments. Other species actively participated in our opening and closing ceremonies.

Moon Nearing Full

The weather was perfect. The days were warm but not hot. One morning brought gentle, soft, Female Rain. Each day the wind filled the tall trees and sang us songs. The students were engaged, committed, respectful of the teachings, and appreciative of all who offered instruction and healing to them.

We will hold the memories of this weekend training closely to us. We feel tremendously blessed to have had time with the Spirits, committed students, and so many engaged others.

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