Creativity Is Powerful!

Here is a link to a marvelous story and playful, brief video from Mobilizing Ideas. The story is too familiar. The video is about an ingenious, creative solution to the problem faced by those living the story.

At their best, shamanism and psychotherapy, like the ad campaign in the story, offer highly creative alternatives to discourses of fear and greed. Each seeks to return us to a condition of connection and joy. Both remind us that to be human is to share life with innumerable others, some of whom we will love and treasure. Yet, we are also aware nothing in life is permanent.

There has been a good deal of science lately devoted to studying the interrelationships of humans and microbes. It appears we cannot digest, think, move, even exist without the aid of microbes. We are bound to them in a complex, moving, reproducing ecosystem we call our “body”. In life we are never alone.

Perhaps we only truly gain that which we give away. Maybe life is a Potlatch, in which we are called to demonstrate our enormous wealth by sharing it. Maybe we are here to hare EVERYTHING!

Hatred, greed, and fear consort to blind us to the very connections that make life viable and rich. Playfulness, creativity, and connection work to undermine their authority and limit their impact in our lives. Do you know of other creative responses people have developed to fear, hatred and greed? Would you share them with us?

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