Interview With Susan Grimaldi

Yesterday Jennie and I spent the day with our long time friend Susan Grimaldi. Susan, and her partner, John Lawrence, are soon to be heading back to Mongolia to continue their work with shamans in Mongolia. Over lunch our conversation ranged over many topics, including the state of the world. In this video, Susan speaks to her hopes for the Earth and the people who live on her. She then address her research in Mongolia, and the ways her meetings with remarkable shamans there have changed her.

Jennie served as videographer for the video, while I am responsible for the editing. The video is presented with minimal editing. We hope you enjoy it. Oh, the crash near the beginning is a cat knocking over lamp.

To learn more of Susan’s work visit her website.

4 thoughts on “Interview With Susan Grimaldi

  1. Hi Michael: So lovely to see Susan and to learn of her continued work in the world. Unfortunately (other than the delightful entrance of your cat?) the interview seems to have been cut off. at least in my version.. Would love to hear more…


  2. Thanks Michael for introducing me to Susan Grimaldi and her work – it is heartwarming to learn how others are reaching out into the world to assist the journey and evolution of humanity forward. Good luck to you all in your healing work!

    1. Andrea, You are most welcome! Susan has been a beacon of light for innumerable people throughout her life. I encourage you to learn more of her work if you are interested.

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