Uluru Dreaming

Although this post came along a few days ago, I only read it now. I hope you will take the time to read and sit with the joy and wisdom contained here.

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Setting off

I booked my tickets and the trip was planned and finally we all left home ( Suzie, Uncle Tom and me) to go on a journey of promise.  This was a place I had wanted to visit since I was a little child.  I had been fascinated by this place well before I knew it as the name Uluru.  In the time I when I went to school in Australia it was known only as Ayers Rock.  This still stirs emotions in people regarding the name change.  Some in this country are not in favor of the name change.   I am in favor of this name Uluru being known by the world and rightfully so.

This place is spectacular.  I was eerily captivated by the site I was greeted with when I stepped out on to the tarmac of Connellan Airport just outside of the township of…

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One thought on “Uluru Dreaming

  1. I am so moved that you would re blog my post! Thank you so much. Going to Uluru is something I will never ever forget as really it has changed my life in giving me confirmation about various bits I needed to know about / ie the Pleiades and Orion etc – Our connection to the Stars!

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