Coyote Returns

Green Mountain WinterI was sitting with a friend in a restaurant. We were sitting at one of those extra-tall, round tables where your legs dangle from extra-tall chairs. My friend, and elder, was talking about how all the abuse he suffered as a kid had been plaguing him lately. I was wishing I could do more for him.

About then, Coyote walked up to the table. I was very happy to see him, even though, more of than not, his presence brings trouble. “I’ve a story for you”, he said.

“Why are you smiling?”asked my friend. “Coyote’s here,” I hesitantly replied.

“Oh,” responded my friend.

Coyote began his story. “Newt Gingrich was talking to a room full of White people. He really got going when he started thinking about his hero, Andrew Jackson. I mean, he got so excited he started channeling old Andrew, saying, “We know our enemies and we should just get them out of the way!”

“Sounds familiar,’ said I.

Coyote Continued, “Newt just got more and more wound up. Finally he raised both arms, spreading them far apart as if to embrace the entire room. “Everybody in the country should just learn to look, act, and believe like us. We’re the greatest! We own this place We were here FIRST! Why if they don’t like what we’re doing, they should just leave.”

“Hummmm,” I replied.

“Of course,” suggested Coyote, “Everyone in the room stood, many cheering. Then Newt noticed quite a few people just leaving. He looked real closely at them. After they had all left, he turned to the audience and said, “Did you see that? Those were Indians and a lot of Mixed Bloods. Why they were acting just like us. Hell, we didn’t even know they were here. What’d I tell you? You can’t trust an Indian! They’re sneaky.”

I had to laugh.

“What’s wrong with your friend?” inquired Coyote. “”He survived,” I replied. Coyote looked closely at my friend. “He needs some healing,” he said. “I’ve done my best,” I acknowledged. Coyote raised a leg and dribbled a little on my friends leg.

“What did you just do!” exclaimed my friend. “Nothing. It was Coyote.” “I smell something funny,” announced my friend, “but I feel better.”

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