Interview with Yours Truly Theatre Company, Bangalore, India

The first full weekend I was in India we traveled to Bangalore to work with the Yours Truly Theatre Company. The company invited us to come and aid them to hone their Playback Theatre and Psychodrama skills. When we began to work with them, we were simply awed by their creativity and artistry. Indeed, by the end of the weekend we weren’t certain who had been teaching whom.

Yours Truly is a deeply socially engaged theater company. Most of the troupe works during the week, and performs almost every weekend. They also teach theater classes on the weekend, and Jennie and I had the great good fortune to join in at the end of a kids’ class. As you will hear, the company is engaged in a wide range of social issues: from domestic abuse, to AIDS, to youth suicide. Here is a two part interview with the core members of the company.

One thought on “Interview with Yours Truly Theatre Company, Bangalore, India

  1. Michael,
    Wow !!!
    Thank you for your kind words.
    This is truly inspirational.
    would like to share this with our folks, with ur permission.

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