Update from Mysore

We have been without Internet for the past few days, and now have access only briefly. We are in Mysore, very near the Mysore Palace. Apparently the King is in residence. As I write, there are enormous numbers of people wandering the grounds, listening to live music, and purchasing food and other items from the stalls. It’s late evening, and only now are things beginning to calm down.

The ride over from Bangalore was complex and lovely, especially once we actually got out of Bangalore, which is a sprawling, although often quite beautiful, city. Bangalore, once the Garden City of India, is growing at a rate of  about 7oo persons per day, so will double, from its present size of 900,000, in something over three years. Growth has resulted in a rapid loss of trees and an increase in pollution. This is a familiar situation throughout the industrializing nations of the world, and not specific to Bangalore.

Anyway, there is much to share, and I hope to be able to have new posts, and Internet, by Wednesday.

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