Art Hop, 2010!

Last weekend was Art Hop, the annual arts bash, here in Burlington. For two days, hundreds of artists show their work and play their music for the pleasure and edification of thousands of viewers.

I parked at our office. As I got out of the car I was stopped short by the sight of a DJ and two women. One of the women had a paintbrush in her hand, and was busily painting the other. This turned out to be a body painting activity, and by the end of the night there were a few  elaborately painted women walking around Art Hop. I wondered whether the painter was aware of Jennifer Biddles’s work with Warlpiri women in Australia.

Work on display ranged from painting and sculpture to installation art. Walking through the South End, one came upon studio after studio, most hidden from everyday view.  Several office buildings had been converted into temporary galleries.

The art occasionally found its way on to porches, sidewalks and even, trees. One could, and did, miss work just by walking along, engrossed in conversation.

One of my favorite pieces was a pair of woven coats, woven by Emily Anderson. The coats were created from rolled materials that represented the life work of her dad. (Emily is on the right.)

And, of course, there was music! and Dancing!

All a fine early Autumn evening!

One thought on “Art Hop, 2010!

  1. We too went to the Art Hop, the first we’ve ever visited. Since I am a jewelry artist, my intent was to visit those studios that make and sell jewelry to see what they are currently working on. I was amazed to see all the possibilities in this field, and equally amazed to find that no-one does exactly what I do, which is wire wrapping.

    I was also amazed at the number of little studios tucked into niches, corners, and spaces in the old buildings along the South End. Of course we also saw lots of other art too, some of which I appreciated and some of which I didn’t.

    Last but not least, we attended the drumming exhibition at the Flynn Dog on Friday nite. It was so amazing that for a fleeting moment I thought I might get involved in drumming too.

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