Preparing for India

Jennie leaves for Indonesia on Sunday. We are in focused mode as she makes last-minute preparations. She’s excited to be going to a new country, as well as setting out  on her longest teaching trip thus far.

I am packing as well. We’re trying to decide what Jennie will take, and what I will bring to India in October. We are hoping to be able to post videos for the first time, and this requires new equipment. Thus, more packing.

The cat is not happy about all the preparations. He will be even less happy when Jennie leaves. Like most felines, he prefers things to stay dependably the same. Adventures are good, as long as they take place near the house, and involves no frightening creatures, such as dogs.

This trip is complicated by the actions of a small church in Florida. The pastor plans to burn Korans on Saturday. This is a sacrilege, and the understandable response from the Muslim world is outrage. There have already been riots in Indonesia. The real effects of the Koran burnings will be enormous, and place Americans of all faiths, and Christians everywhere, in increased danger. I am amazed at the ability of only 50 people to change the world!

In spite of this, our packing continues. Jennie leaves for Indonesia with a toolkit packed with ideas and expressive therapy practices to aid local clinicians in their work with traumatized clients. She will touch the lives of many people, and for the better. Only time will tell whether kindhearted healers like her, or angry ministers, will have the greater impact.

4 thoughts on “Preparing for India

  1. God bless you both on this remarkable venture – so interesting and so different for each of you. May each of you find a treasure. Keep us posted!

  2. Dearest Michael,
    Congrats on your decision to take the leap and do something you are passionate about. I would love to see you before you leave. let’s have lunch or dinner.

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